The Vehicle Service Tracker Project

What is it
The Vehicle Service Tracker is an in depth professional tracking system to track all the service and repair that has been performed on your car, truck, boat, plane all your vehicles. You'll be able to keep track of repairs with line-by-line precision, including part numbers, source, cost and hours for each line item. You will get for each vehicle it's cost per mile to operate. This application is aimed at anyone who wishes to keep detailed service records of thier vehicles. That would include the do-it-yourselfer, to the average Joe who has thier vehicle serviced by others, to a small/medium business looking for a way to get a handle on fleet repairs. You can have as many vehicles as you want, so feel free to keep track of lawn mowers and any other piece of machinery that requires service. You will be able to enter line-by-line repair orders, and see them listed by vehicle via an inquiry. Each vehicle inquiry has each repair session broken down, with prices, and hours if you entered them, and a vehicle total at the bottom. Simple yet powerful.

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The Vehicle Service Tracker is written in PHP. It currently uses a DB2 backed. MySql could be simple enought to case out. Just not done yet. It makes no use of cookies, andonly one call to javascript (but degrades nicely if the user is not using javascript browser). All information is accessible without javascript.

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